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Preventing Lost Sales by Tracking Your Out of Stocks (OOS)

How big of a problem are Out of Stocks? According to CNBC, retailers lost $634.1 Billion in 2015, and that number is continuing to grow every year. As of 2018, that number has grown up to be $984[…]

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Coronavirus Response - Managing Operations during a National Emergency

IMPORTANT: If you are a health agency helping in the fight against or treating coronavirus contact us for free access to EasyCheck

The world is facing an uncertain and challenging time with the[…]

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Empower Sales with a Marketing Materials Warehouse Management System

Field sales teams are working harder than ever to gain the attention of consumers in-store and persuade them to buy products. So why are companies making it even harder for them to do their jobs?[…]

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What is the Three-Tier System and Why Does it Exist?

If you’re around the alcoholic beverage industry for even a minute you will hear about the three-tier system. There are a lot of questions about it. Where did it come from? Why does it exist? Do[…]

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Understanding Utilization. Knowing what not to order next time

Imagine the following scenario. While running your daily operations, you maintain your inventory shelves neatly stocked. As is common practice, you order materials periodically from the same[…]

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How do POS analytics improve your bottom line?

In 2016, IBM conducted a study on big data , which found that 62% percent of retailers use analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Throughout this study, it was made apparent that these[…]

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Rock n' Rollout with Execution Management Software

Finding the right new product or service is tough by itself, but a successful launch also includes a marketing and execution plan. You might have come up with a great idea; however, without the[…]

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Retail: Execution Management, Brand Image, the In-Store Experience

Although some have been forewarning against the “retail apocalypse” for some time now, brick-and-mortar stores still exist; and while they seem to be evolving, retail is not going away. However,[…]

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Favorite Patriotic Brews

 We typically bring you informational content on software solutions, but this week we are feeling festive and patriotic. As such, we want to wish America a happy (late) birthday by showcasing our[…]

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Software Solutions: Buy vs Build

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are on the constant lookout for ways to perform more efficiently and reduce risks. With our technological advances, these improvements aren’t[…]

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