Software Solutions: Buy vs Build

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are on the constant lookout for ways to perform more efficiently and reduce risks. With our technological advances, these improvements aren’t just possible; they are widely practiced. However, amidst an ocean full of differing SaaS solutions, one can’t help but wonder which software is the correct one for his or her business.

If you have found yourself facing this dilemma, chances are you have pondered whether you should buy or build a solution. While a serious consideration of building customized software can be enlightening, businesses that purchase the right solution gain multiple benefits almost instantaneously. This article briefly walks through both sides of the argument, so you can make an educated business decision.

Inherently, custom-built software will better suit your needs. By building your own platform, you gain full control over what the technology will do and which problems it will help you solve. Nevertheless, this additional jurisdiction comes at a price…

While buying a software solution only costs a subscription fee, building your own solution could cost millions in development and maintenance costs. Keep in mind; building will not be a one-time-and-done deal. On the contrary, you will have to make yourself responsible for the long-term execution of your platform. In order to keep your software bug-free and up-to-date, various expenses will keep draining your bottom line.

Furthermore, these monetary costs do not include the opportunity cost that you will incur if you decide to build from scratch. This lengthy endeavor will take away your time, which could be put to better use in other activities. Before making a decision, you must understand that building will require an amount of dedication that can potentially damage your primary business by taking away your focus.

As we outline in our interactive solution-building guide, building is a multi-step process, which could very well take over a year. As such, time-to-value should also be a concern for those asking this question. Whereas a buy decision will begin yielding value upon implementation, the custom-built software will not return value until it is successfully running without bugs. This could take months, if not years!

A good software solution allows businesses to run more efficiently, so their perks should not go unnoticed. Despite the added benefit of full jurisdiction over the technology, it seems like building would not be the optimal decision for most. However, a young and ambitious competitor, EasyCheck, understands the plea of those who seek to build their own solution. We care for the user experience, and we want our multi-purpose platform to cater to your needs.

By partnering with EasyCheck, you can focus on your primary business while gaining the assistance of a powerful software solution. For the highly competitive price of $50/month, EasyCheck will not detract from your bottom line with heavy development costs. The efficiencies and gains are waiting, so what are you waiting for? Schedule a free demo now!