Rock n' Rollout with Execution Management Software

Finding the right new product or service is tough by itself, but a successful launch also includes a marketing and execution plan. You might have come up with a great idea; however, without the proper messaging and distribution, ideas alone cannot reach a proper audience.

Fear not though! In recent years, technology has been improving the processes within these plans. Software services, like EasyCheck, enable you to streamline these operations and gather data in real time, so that you can assure flawless execution from your rollout's inception to its ultimate delivery.

Before we mention how we can help your roll out, let's briefly talk about how we cannot. EasyCheck is a tool, not a consulting firm. Therefore, we cannot aid you to create better plans or ideas; rather, we guarantee that they are performed well throughout your operations.

This HBR article by Jim Hackett, CEO of Ford Motors Company, describes the importance of having a "think-before-you-act" culture for a perfect product launch. While most of this thinking is done to conceptualize your plan, Hackett himself states that the most important phase of any plan is its implementation:

"Taking the time to teach implementation is the epitome of respect in our organization. When implementation is poor, people are taken by surprise."

                                                                                                                                                       - Jim Hackett

In 2007, Hackett dealt with this issue by demanding rigorous implementation practice from everyone involved with the roll-out; however, we believe that, by 2018, this solution is far outdated. The technology available today allows businesses to skip lengthy practices to assign tasks (or task chains) with verification of proper completion. Nowadays, implementation is really that simple.

Other important aspect of planning mentioned in the article is gathering information to make better decisions. Although external information in the form of journals, articles, financials, etc. can be helpful, Hackett understood the value of an educated team with access to internal data.

In their 3-steps to a successful product launch, Greenbook, a database of marketing research and best practices, describes that identifying metrics that signal a successful launch is paramount to any rollout. Wouldn't it be nice if your team had access to these metrics' data collection internally and in real time? Well, EasyCheck also makes this dynamic education possible via data collection and analytics!

There are many other assignments that one should consider doing before a new product launch. NPD Solutions made a full checklist that covers tasks across various departments prior to a roll out. Besides the Planning part, the rest of these assignments (technical, operations, marketing, sales) can be distributed and verified throughout your organization in a few clicks from a computer or mobile device. We think that in doing so, EasyCheck is convenient, do you?

Finally, everybody loves to win, but everyone is careful when investing their hard-earned money. However,, states that one of their six secrets to a successful rollout is the "Power of Leverage," which they define as a small investment that can yield a high return.

We believe that by saving your company time and resources, reducing the risks of poor execution, and gathering valuable data, EasyCheck is an investment that could help your company better understand the power of leverage throughout your next product launch.

Still a skeptic? Reach out; we'll show you how EasyCheck can rock your upcoming rollout!