Retail: Execution Management, Brand Image, the In-Store Experience

Although some have been forewarning against the “retail apocalypse” for some time now, brick-and-mortar stores still exist; and while they seem to be evolving, retail is not going away. However, in order to compete with their ubiquitous online counterparts, retailers face increasing pressure to execute flawlessly. Today’s customers demand efficiency throughout their shopping experience, so proper implementation of POP displays, employee-training systems, quick compliance audits, etc. have never been more important.

Traditionally, these processes are done with lengthy pen-and-paper methodology, which does not satisfy the increasing need for speed and efficacy. More advanced stores have already implemented software to alleviate the drag, but in many cases, these technologies are outdated and need to be replaced. Indeed, few players are up-to-date with their technological solutions, but these stores seem to have a clear competitive advantage.

You might be thinking that there is more to stores than pure execution, for brands account for a large part of the shopping experience. We agree completely; in fact, we would argue that brand interaction is the pinnacle of in-store activity. Nevertheless, it is no mystery that a brand’s image can be severely damaged when poorly conveyed. For example, mismanaged inventory, improperly set-up displays, or unsatisfactory customer interactions can all hurt your brand’s relationship to your customer base. However, these risks should not deter you from honing your retail efforts, for they can still be a potent channel to reach an audience, interact with customers, and drive a sale.

In order to alleviate risks, contend with a fast-paced environment, and maintain brand quality standards, we recommended all retailers to try execution management software. These technologies can help you track your assets, manage your workforce, prevent loss, and gather data in real-time, all in an effort to improve your bottom-line.

With the help of solutions like EasyCheck, compliance audits no longer take away valuable man-hours; they are done in seconds. Similarly, loss prevention is automized. By tracking inventory and promotion materials, retailers can optimize shelf space, ensure proper deployment of displays, and match SKU numbers with internal efforts. These tasks, which can take multiple hours for a merely haphazard execution, are now done seamlessly and efficiently in a few clicks.

EasyCheck's tools, such as image capture, can help facilitate communication with employees while gathering real-time data on your stores. Speaking of, your management will rejoice at this internal data acquisition on new product issues, customer interactions, sales, marketing, etc.. Now they can make well-informed business decisions and, in case of failure, take immediate corrective action. Furthermore, built-in graphs and analytics make trends apparent, so you can act accordingly.

Despite its apparent shortcomings, retail will always offer the timelessness of the in-store experience. However, retailers need to step up to the plate and compete with the efficiency that is demanded today. As we insinuated before, by addressing the issues this blog post raises, retailers are not only gaining a competitive advantage, they are bolstering their brand.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today and try EasyCheck with a free 30-day pilot! We are more than excited to see how we can help your business develop and compete.