On-Premise Marketing and Data Collection

“Knowledge is power.”

-Sir Francis Bacon

Up until the latter part of the 20th century, an intelligent and definitive way to harvest and interpret data for the on-premises consumption of alcohol simply did not exist. Manufacturers and suppliers had to depend upon the “gut instinct” and experience of their respective field teams to provide them with the data that would allow to better market their products.  However, that antiquated way of doing things has come to an end.  With the birth, development, and continued evolution of mobile SaaS technology, there is no longer a need to leave data collection to field teams that are ultimately human and prone to possible miscalculations.  The use of mobile technology from a SaaS platform provides industry suppliers with up-to-the-minute insights into key variables that are responsible for the on-premise sale and movement of beverages from any given restaurant, bar, or tavern.

The SaaS technology allows the collection of key points that directly impact sales and more importantly, that same SaaS technology also provides real-time, actionable solutions that can ultimately lead to an increase in revenues for suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors alike.

“Knowing is half the battle!”
-GI Joe

One of the best ways to shine light on how a business can grow is to simply ask its customers’ questions; perhaps, in the way of a survey!  However, today’s business owners are tech-savvy, lead busy professional and personal lives, and are if nothing else… mobile! So the art of Q & A has had to evolve hand-in-hand with today’s business owners, and the technology that they love and have come to depend on. SaaS technology now allows the harvesting and interpretation of data while providing invaluable information that centers on back bar inventories, tap share, and even the menu placement of products.  The fantastic attribute of SaaS technology is its ability to be customized and individualized in relation to individual accounts and their specific locations.  The creation of customized surveys is a basic yet highly educational and insightful method for the gathering and interpretation of on-premise data.

The collection of data is being collected in real time, and the questions being asked can be customized to reflect variables such as region or location, account types or business, and even assigned tasks.  The surveys that are created must be specific, functional, and easily assigned to and understood by field teams or sales reps so that the information they collect can be communicated easily and effectively to the right team members.  The end results that these surveys provide is that the right team members are able to make well-informed, educated decisions that will eventually allow for a business to grow its revenue streams and scale as needed.

This technology better empowers field teams to make quick, well-informed decisions in almost any environment by capitalizing on the popularity and use of smartphones. Platform features such as photo-capture, photo & time placement, and GPS tracking can provide information about the idiosyncrasies of certain accounts, specific service instructions, and even produce customized reports that will better serve the actions of field teams without the need of a cellular or Wifi accessibility.  The harvested on-premise data by itself is relatively worthless without it being able to be analyzed, dissected and disseminated in an understandable, relatable, and actionable report of some type.  SaaS technology captures on-premise data, then translates and transfers that data into a variety of action points that will better serve the field team, distributors, and wholesalers.

This will, in turn, help create strategies that will ensure the never-ending battle of back bar is being successfully waged, that menu placement is optimized, and that other key performance indicators are being attended to.  Data and the metrics it provides is power, and in today’s modern business climate data is king!

On-premise data collection was at one time basically simple guesswork.   However, the times have indeed changed for the better.  SaaS technology has created the ability to collect data that is simple to understand, easy to interpret, and quickly actionable. This has allowed the producers, wholesalers, and distributors of adult beverages to glean invaluable on-premise information about their clientele’s businesses. This has resulted in the manufactures and producers of adult beverages being in the enviable position of being able to better serve the needs of their customers. Ultimately, the wise application of this technology will be directly responsible for an increase in satisfied customers and be directly responsible for an increase in gross revenues throughout the adult beverage industry.

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