All-in-one: Why EasyCheck is the most complete software solution.

If you have been either following our blog or following the software solution industry, chances are you know that there are a plethora of these services out in the market. To varying degrees of differentiation, these serve distinct purposes, and it is not uncommon for small businesses to use multiple solutions to solve different problems. However, we believe that paying multiple subscriptions and carrying various software tools is inefficient.

Rather than forcing your employees to learn the ins and outs of three different solutions, you should try EasyCheck! We are the most complete software solution in the market. Although this is a bold claim to make, bear with us; we'll illustrate the point by demonstrating how we encompass all of the capabilities of five different solutions and more.


1. Asset Panda

Implemented by various universities and businesses, Asset Panda is a software solution that focuses on asset tracking. By tracking expensive items, the service is able to save money through loss prevention and expediting processes. Despite their solid track record in tracking assets, that is about all that Asset Panda can do for you…


2. Compliantia

This solution is primarily concerned with store auditing; however, it also includes task assignment and data collection capabilities. Although their claim to save businesses time and money is true – Compliantia has a solid platform, their business is a formidable competitor – they are on the more expensive side of the SaaS spectrum and they miss out on asset-tracking capabilities (like Asset Panda, for example). Luckily, Easycheck has both solutions under one simple platform.


3. ManagerPlus

One of the oldest players in the industry, ManagerPlus is a solution that focuses on maintenance management. Although their solution is somewhat complete, the ManagerPlus platform is not very user friendly and their technology is outdated. With just a quick look through their website, you can understand that their platform seems suck in Windows 95! We’re not sure a higher price is worth a system that is so antiquated. Lucky for you, EasyCheck is more inexpensive and (actually) user-friendly.


4. OnTrak

Focused on aiding the beverage industry, this software solution comes in different packages, a proposition that is as strange as it is expensive. For example, SignTrak automates communication for sales while LineTrak verifies the draught line is clean, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all 5 solutions – sold separately – under one easy to use system? Well, EasyCheck has that!


5. ZenPut

Zenput is another task assignment and auditing solution without asset tracking capabilities. They primarily target retail businesses claiming that they aid their field visibility; however, their help is deteriorated by the lack of asset tracking. For instance, expensive marketing materials would need a different solution to prevent loss and improve your bottom line through savings. Furthermore, their survey creation page is not very intuitive without prior instruction.


The companies mentioned above are just five competitors in a growing market of software solutions. However, all of their product offerings are lackluster compared to EasyCheck’s lower price and outright better functionality. Now that you can begin to understand how we differentiate ourselves in the market, you should schedule a demo! With one simple call, we can explore how our platform can help your business overcome challenges and achieve your goals.