Data Collection for Off-Premise Alcohol and Beverage

"To know values is to know the meaning of the market"
- Charles Dow

In today’s adult beverage business space, the need for accurate and actionable off-premise data collection has never been more important.  The producers, suppliers, and distributors of wine and spirits have requirements that are unique to their industry.  Recent advancement in mobile software technology has evolved in a way that allows for the efficient and effective collection of off-premise data.  This evolution has helped optimize the supply chain within the adult beverage industry.  Retail outlets such as liquor stores, grocery stores, and even convenience stores are battlegrounds where products compete in a life-or-death struggle on the shelves.  Never before has the intelligent and purposeful collection of off-premise information been more crucial!

Key Insights at Off-Premise Accounts

With today’s SaaS technology suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors can now enjoy up-to-the-minute data insight into crucial variables such as:

  • Shelf sets
  • Cold Box Presence
  • Display Case Inventory
  • Floor Space Placements

The off-premise data collection begins with the creation of surveys. The data and corresponding analytics that are provided by these surveys is highly valuable and provides immediately actionable insights.  These surveys provide solutions that are customizable and provide individualized designs that harvest data that centers on cold box presence, the efficiency of floor space, and product placement in display cases.  The questions that these surveys ask are uniquely customized to the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of adult beverages.  The answers to these survey questions are then translated into a variety of customized documents that better empowers field team members and sales representatives to make informed recommendations for their respective accounts.

Major benefits of Mobile Data Collection

One major benefit of mobile SaaS software is that it is highly efficient, and virtually eliminates the need for antiquated, manual methods of data collection.  The software and functionalities of today’s SaaS applications provide a level of flexibility and scalability that has simply not existed before.  Field teams often find themselves in a variety of different locations, with some locations being frustratingly remote when it comes to WiFi or even cellular access.  However, the ownership and use of smartphones is almost always a requisite demand in today’s business culture, regardless of industry.  Smartphone use coupled with SaaS technology allows field team members to work completely offline, without the reliance on WiFi or cellular service.  SaaS technology allows photos to be taken in real-time by field team members while servicing their accounts.  This will provide verification of the recommended execution of floor space, display case, and shelf placements.  This data can then be easily transferred to other team members that will empower them to make recommendations that impact the supply chain, and ultimately impacts company revenue streams.  Being able to quickly identify which team members need what information in a relatable and easily executable format is crucial to off-premises data collection.  SaaS technology allows team members to make real-time suggestions that optimize retail placements and execution.

Some key features or attributes of this technology:

  • Easy to deploy and easy to use by most users
  • Is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems
  • The ability to function onsite without the need for cellular service or WiFi connection

Finally, the data that is collected must absolutely be displayed in a way that is easily understandable and actionable by all team members.  Software features such as a centralized database of charts, graphs, customized reports, and tagged photos lend proof to retail execution. This technology highlights the analytics and metrics focused around end caps, POS transactions, brand performance, and category share in real-time and then allows for the transfer and dissemination of the off-premise data. The SaaS technology also allows for the data to be reviewed by way of individual product, specific brand, region, sales team, or even individual sales rep.  This data then can be shared as needed with a wide array of team members or departments that need it to make more informed decisions that will ultimately impact revenue and scale.

Key features that truly facilitate the dissemination and sharing of this data:

  • Availability in real-time
  • Clean, crisp visual display of charts, graphs, and reports
  • A customizable database which offers a variety of objective-relevant filters

The off-premises data collection technology that fuels the wine and spirits business has been a boon for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors alike.  SaaS technology provides an unparalleled amount of customization and flexibility that enhances the ebb and flow of the entire supply chain of adult beverages.  The staff and team members of off-premise retail outlets such as liquor stores, grocery stores, and the local convenience store no longer need to rely on “guesswork” when it comes to accurately maintaining inventories, properly positioning and displaying revenue-generating brands, and effectively coordinating floor space.  SaaS technology is creating a wellspring of information that is easily harvested, easily digestible, and easily communicable.  This leads to actions in the retail space the drives revenues, helps provides the ability for a business to scale, and ultimately results in consumers that are satisfied with their purchases.  Truly, knowledge is power!

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