Coronavirus Response - Managing Operations during a National Emergency

IMPORTANT: If you are a health agency helping in the fight against or treating coronavirus contact us for free access to EasyCheck

The world is facing an uncertain and challenging time with the rise of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Companies are closing locations indefinitely, restaurants and bars are closing to dine-in patrons, and all schools are closed in over 20 states. With circumstances changing as quickly as you can create policy and directives, your field teams need ways to give you information directly from the field. Mobile data collection tools like EasyCheck give you an edge on the competition by knowing first hand that state of your operations. EasyCheck also gives you the peace of mind to see where you need to focus your attention and not waste time on meaningless tasks. Here are a few ways EasyCheck can assist:

 Policy Review

Ensuring that all employees understand what they need to do as part of your business is imperative for your long term success. By guaranteeing there is no confusion over the ever-changing policies makes it easier for your employees to follow that directive. Use EasyCheck to ensure all locations have updated their employees on the current policy. As things change in the world, you can continuously update policy and stay on top of compliance as you deem necessary. 


Client Facing Signage Checks

Proper communication doesn’t stop with your employees. Ensuring customers are fully informed is as important as ever. You need to know that your communications are coming through loud and clear. By asking your staff to give you visual confirmation of exactly how your stores look and that information is appropriately posted. 


Shut Down Instructions

Companies are having to take actions they had thought would have been impossible to imagine just six weeks ago. Stores are closing for a minimum of two weeks and maybe longer. Ensuring that each store is appropriately secured is of utmost importance. EasyCheck gives you the ability to know procedures were followed without having to check in again in the future. Ensure all merchandise is secure in safes or locked in a backroom, plus knowing that water is turned off to ice makers and dishwashers can save you heartburn later.


Health and Cleaning Supply Counts

EasyCheck gives you the ability to quickly gain insight into exactly what each location has and where you may need to move supplies to manage your business. You can ask multiple levels of questions, so you have confidence that the supplies you need are where they need to be at the right time. 


We know that now is a very challenging time, but we also know that we can rise above any challenge we face. Using our assignments as a simple starting point can help you improve your communication with the field and give you confidence that the right things are being done.