Lost in a Sea of SaaS: Compare 7 Solutions for Field Data & Asset Management

When it comes to data tracking and asset management, the market is flooded with software solutions that promise to save time and money. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of options when trying to decide on the right approach for your business. If you’re looking for a simple overview to outline the features and benefits of the most popular solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Asset Panda

Implemented by a variety of universities and businesses, Asset Panda is a software solution that focuses solely on asset tracking, which means it doesn’t necessarily support field audits. By tracking expensive items, the service is able to save customers money through loss prevention and expedited processes. The software also includes the ability to create custom workflows and automated checklists. 

2. Compliantia

This solution is primarily concerned with store auditing; however, it also includes task assignment and data collection capabilities. While this tool proves to be highly valuable for retail-focused industries, it lacks the robust asset tracking features of Asset Panda, EasyCheck, and GoSpotCheck.

3. ManagerPlus

One of the oldest players in the industry, ManagerPlus is a solution that focuses primarily on maintenance management. Their software is cloud-enabled and also has data analytics integrated directly into the app. While fairly comprehensive, ManagerPlus doesn’t allow the photo- and location-enabled asset capturing that more modern solutions have.

4. OnTrak

Focused on aiding the beverage industry, this suite of software solutions comes in a variety of different a la carte packages focused on specific tasks. For example, SignTrak automates communication for sales, while LineTrak verifies that the draught line is clean. While the modular nature of their software may be appealing, the one-off functions have the potential to cause more confusion than a single integrated solution.

5. ZenPut

Zenput is a task assignment and auditing solution often compared to Compliantia. Similarly, the software targets retail businesses, with an added focus on restaurant operations. It aims to aid in field visibility and simplify workflows; however, it does not include asset tracking features that help capture real-time field data.

6. GoSpotCheck

A well-known name when it comes to field execution management software, GoSpotCheck provides a variety of industries with the tools they need collect data and evaluate efficiencies. While their workflows are fairly robust, their SaaS does not have the ability to truly track assets and provide a comprehensive list of in-market items. GoSpotCheck also has limited flexibility when it comes to task assignment—users can only complete field audits on a voluntary basis, rather than requested checks.

7. EasyCheck

EasyCheck is a comprehensive software solution that combines the best of Asset Panda’s tracking features along with the auditing and compliance features of Compliantia and GoSpotCheck. While they specialize in beverage distribution asset management, several industries have found their suite of tools invaluable when it comes to increasing field visibility and reducing slippage. Constant innovation and always-on mobile capabilities give them an industry edge over several other options that don’t provide quite as much flexibility. 

With so many options available, identifying the right solution can be quite the task. Before you make such an important decision, take a look at our Complete Guide to Asset Management—this can help you understand some of the components critical to saving time and money. The Complete Guide to Asset Management