Check Off Your Restaurant Business Risk with EasyCheck

 Imagine that your business just underwent a new hire. As is often the case with new team members, they will need training in order to be educated about proper compliance and business processes. Within their first few days, they might require some time-consuming oversight to ensure proper execution. Nevertheless, failure to adhere to these guidelines, even for reasons as banal as a new hire, could result in customer complaints, subpar delivery, or worse…

Recently, the infamy of the norovirus has become the forefront concern around food safety. These viral epidemics, such as the spread in PyeongChang’s Winter Olympics, have businesses afraid of becoming the next Chipotle case. Just this last year, there have been 1137 outbreaks of the virus in the United States alone. However, with the Internet and social media, customers are not only informed about these issues, but now they also have a loud and potent voice. Indeed, flawless execution and compliance to regulation have never been more important.

Although food safety is of paramount importance to the restaurant operator, it is not the only risk they assume throughout their operating activity. Last December, a Boston-based Burger King franchisee was penalized for violating child labor laws. With more than 800 violations under his belt, the business owner had no option but to pay a hefty $250,000 in court settlements. It would be easy to shrug this case off as an individual case of negligence; however, the Attorney General’s investigation found that the violations were caused by cumbersome paper collection and poor task execution. In any case, legal complaints are no stranger to franchisees, especially when they employ and serve many people. So if you operate multiple restaurants, a similar issue could very well happen to you.

This inquiry brings the question, is there a simple way to mitigate these looming risks? With the aid of mobile solutions, proper execution and compliance can be ensured with the ease of a click., a popular online publication on the industry, wrote an article on this type of software, which explains how your company can assign tasks, ensure that the job is well done, and collect data on your operations from the top down. By utilizing these available technologies, you are not only mitigating risks, but also securing pristine brand quality and actively improving your business.

Perhaps you might’ve heard about some of these solutions – maybe you even utilize one already – but in a market full of niche specializations, EasyCheck is the premier SaaS solution for your restaurant business because of its integral design.

Nowadays, SaaS solutions are aplenty; however, EasyCheck is the most complete tool, providing you with a full 360° feedback loop on your business. Essentially, our platform gives you eyes for all of your needs: from assigning tasks and confirming completion, to asset tracking for your marketing supplies, data collection, analytics, and more! While our competitors tend to focus on one specific area of your business (maintenance management, budgeting, etc.), our user-friendly interface has multiple capabilities that cover all your activity. Yes, we want to tackle as many problems as we can under one single platform.

As of today, EasyCheck can help your business in many areas. Our tool can help your marketing team by ensuring that brand standards are met, POP displays are set-up correctly, and performing store audits. We alleviate your legal concerns by ensuring that health and safety regulations are fulfilled, as well as collecting adequate signage information – contracts, invoices, etc. –. Your operations team will delight in our asset tracking capabilities, and management could appreciate the dismissal of their seemingly endless paperwork. These various processes all occur under the same platform, which gathers data on each tiny moving part, so you can analyze your operations and make the best business decisions with a bird’s eye view.

We are continually developing improvements to our multi-purpose solution. As such, we plan to expand even more capabilities to continue adding value to our clients. We care about the user experience, and we want to help foster your business. If wasted time and wasted materials are wasted money, we can help you save these meaningless expenses. Contact us, schedule a demo, and find out how EasyCheck is the right solution for your restaurant business needs.