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Reagan Jobe

Reagan is the Co-Founder and Chief Solver at EasyCheck.

Lost in a Sea of SaaS: Compare 7 Solutions for Field Data & Asset Management

When it comes to data tracking and asset management, the market is flooded with software solutions that promise to save time and money. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of[…]

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Lack of Compliance Management is Costing Distributors and Retailers More Than $634.1 Billion in Lost Sales

Many will hear the term “Compliance Management” and immediately think of a function completed by the legal department. In today's world compliance management is no longer just for legal. While[…]

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5 Ways to Improve In-Store Displays And Get New Customers

When you have a beverage store displays, you want to make sure that you attract your visitor's attention. You need to use the space you have available to make sure that customers buy the beverage[…]

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What is the Three-Tier Beverage System and Why Does it Exist?

If you’re around the alcoholic beverage industry for even a minute you will hear about the three-tier system. There are a lot of questions about it. Where did it come from? Why does it exist? Do[…]

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Six Negotiation Skills That Could Save Your Job

While the definition of negotiation is pretty straightforward, the actual process is not. The process is so divergent that if you asked ten different people how to negotiate, they would probably[…]

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Data Collection for Off-Premise Alcohol and Beverage

"To know values is to know the meaning of the market" - Charles Dow

In today’s adult beverage business space, the need for accurate and actionable off-premise data collection has never been[…]

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On-Premise Marketing and Data Collection

“Knowledge is power.”

-Sir Francis Bacon

Up until the latter part of the 20th century, an intelligent and definitive way to harvest and interpret data for the on-premises consumption of alcohol[…]

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Mother's Day 2018 - $23.1 billion is up for grabs

 $23.1 billion is up for grabs in Mother's Day 2018. How much are you going to get?

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away and according to the National Retail Federation 86% of Americans will[…]

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8 keys to a successful beverage store display promotion

 Beverage store displays continue to be one of the most important ways to get potential customers’ attention and take market share from the competition. Using the available space in local stores[…]

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Covering My Assets

 The protection of tangible assets has long been a driving force behind a myriad of industries in our modern economy.  Not too long ago, when a product left the loading docks or distribution[…]

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